IMG_0898 (1)For our last day in Jackson Hole, we decided to take things a bit slower.  After an 8-hour eco tour, 2 strenuous hikes and a day on the Snake River fly fishing, we needed a moment to catch our breath.  We had been told to make the scenic drive through the Teton Pass over to Victor, Idaho.  So, we decided to make a day of it complete with horses, beer and bbq.

IMG_0910 (1)We headed out of Jackson on Highway 22 through Wilson, Wyoming before reaching the Teton Pass.  All that I can say is that my knuckles were white.  I have driven on plenty of mountain roads (mostly in Spain), but this road had my stomach doing flips like a roller coaster!  Once we hit the Idaho state line, the highway was less treacherous and became Highway 33.  Just before the quaint town of Victor, Idaho, we arrived at Moose Creek Ranch where we would be taking a 2-hour horseback ride through the Targhee National Forest with its exquisite vistas and lush scenery.  Debbie and Kevin Little run the stables at this picturesque ranch.

We arrived at 9:00 a.m. to begin our trail ride with another family of four.  Although I do not proclaim to be a horseman, I am comfortable with horses.  Greg, on the other hand, is not too keen on the idea, but he is a good sport.  So, we both compromised to offer an experience that we both would enjoy….sort of.  I can now say that I have never been on a true nose-to-tail trail ride before, and I hope that I can avoid one in the future.  This was a bit too elementary for my preferences, but I decided to make the most of the experience.  We departed from the ranch and meandered through the forest on sometimes narrow trails – one wrong step and down the ravine we would go!  Near the end of the trail, we spotted a deer in an open field about 10 feet away from us.  No pictures though since my horse spotted the deer too and needed to be directed back to the trail!

Following our ride, I had promised Greg some barbecue at Big Hole BBQ in Victor.  We drove into town finding our destination just off the main road to the left.  (A win-win for me as there was a fly fishing shop located immediately next door!).  We sat outside to enjoy the amazing weather (I believe it was close to 100° in Baton Rouge on August 3!).  The pull pork sandwiches with thin Idaho potato fries and a local craft brew hit the spot.  We did a quick run through the fly fishing shop for souvenirs before heading to Grand Teton Brewing.

The tasting room was located on our way back to Jackson, so this worked out perfectly.  The tasting room was on the small side, but it was not crowded at all.  We tried a few complimentary samples of the 6-8 beers that they had on tap.  I eventually decided on a ½ pint of the Grand Teton Grapefruit Gose. Greg loved the Bitch Creek so much that he bought a t-shirt!



Author: eat.drink.geaux

As a girl from Louisiana, I have always had a bit of an adventuresome spirit. And Louisiana has always provided me with countless opportunities to experience its rich cultural heritage. As wonderful as Louisiana is, I still have this overwhelming need to experience the world beyond my state boundaries. This wanderlust has taken me from the marshes of Louisiana to the temples in Kyoto, Japan to the magnificent cathedrals in Spain to a dinner party at the home of a merchant marine in Venice. In each of these places, I have been fortunate enough to meet new friends who have shared their culture with me. What began for me as the exploration of places nearby, has evolved into an adventure to places far away. It has been my lifelong dream to share my passion for authentic travel experiences with others.

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