So Many Choices, So Little Time… Let’s Go on a Taco Crawl!

Isla Mujeres is some 4.3 miles long and 2,130 feet wide, but for a relatively small island, this island has no shortage of quality restaurants. 


Isla Mujeres is some 4.3 miles long and 2,130 feet wide, but for a relatively small island, this island has no shortage of quality restaurants.  These are casual eateries mind you, as we are on a Caribbean island after all.  They range from traditional Mayan cuisine served beachfront to simple Mexican delights served from mostly outdoor restaurants to authentic Greek cuisine available at a downtown eatery.  One way to experience several of these spots is to incorporate a taco tour into your golf cart island tour.  It is my adaptation of a tapas crawl in Spain.

For logistical reasons, we will start our tour near Playa Norte.  One of the first spots I visit when I arrive on Isla is Lola Valentina located in Centro on Hidalgo Street.  For starters, order one of their creative margaritas made from fresh juices.  A few of my favorites are watermelon-jalapeno or pineapple-ginger or coconut.  They definitely have a unique take on guacamole and it is delicious!  Then, be sure to try the tacos (since this is a taco crawl) – you will not be disappointed by chicken or fish tacos.

Next, head over to the waterfront for our next stop.  Bally Hoo Restaurant & Margaritas Bar (Avenida Rueda Medina S/N | Behind Gas Station).  This is an open-air restaurant located directly in the marina and behind the gas station. The fish tacos were excellent! The atmosphere was fun.  Lots of fun people watching too.01d20e77a7acf45b542b4fe0211d21e0e5dcca3fb7

Drive south along the waterfront until you reach the Soggy Peso.  They only serve one item each day and when it is gone, it is gone.  If you are lucky, you might catch lobster taco day.  If so, you are in for a real treat!  Enjoy those with the specialty Soggy Peso Margarita!

Now we cross the island and head east until we stumble upon Green Verde.  It is located in the middle of the island at Av Rueda Medina 690, Salinas, Isla Mujeres.  The restaurant is quaint and brightly colored.  All of the food is delicious, but be sure to try the fish tacos.

Leaving GreenVerde and heading east toward the Caribbean side of the island, we will make our way over to Caribbean Brisa (the first place I ever ate in Isla!) to try their margaritas and tacos mariscos (with squid, octopus and shrimp) or fish tacos.  We ate here twice during our first visit to Isla!

For our final stop on the taco tour of Isla Mujeres, we will continue south to El Charco (Calle Paseo de Las Aves, Isla Mujeres).  While staying in the south end of Isla Mujeres, we developed a fondness for the La Gloria neighborhood. One night, we stumbled upon El Charco, and I am so glad that we did! We sat at a table on the small patio that overlooked the street (there was a wonderful lime tree growing right next to our table!). We ordered the Sopa de Lima (basically a chicken soup with lime broth) and it was outstanding! We also ordered pork tacos and another dish called alhambra that was like a taco with strips of poblano peppers and cheese with chicken. The bar has about 5 bowls that are self-serve condiments including potatoes, beans, and salsa.  It was amazing!! I cannot wait to visit again next year!

Author: eat.drink.geaux

As a girl from Louisiana, I have always had a bit of an adventuresome spirit. And Louisiana has always provided me with countless opportunities to experience its rich cultural heritage. As wonderful as Louisiana is, I still have this overwhelming need to experience the world beyond my state boundaries. This wanderlust has taken me from the marshes of Louisiana to the temples in Kyoto, Japan to the magnificent cathedrals in Spain to a dinner party at the home of a merchant marine in Venice. In each of these places, I have been fortunate enough to meet new friends who have shared their culture with me. What began for me as the exploration of places nearby, has evolved into an adventure to places far away. It has been my lifelong dream to share my passion for authentic travel experiences with others.

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